Spending the time and money on the right design

Design, Development, Direction

There are many options for people to create their own websites and for a lot of people that inexpensive option works. But if you’re a business and you’re serious about increasing your access to customers, you need to engage a professional website developer and be prepared to invest the right amount of time and money on your website. Spending the time and money on the right design and development will be critical to your outcomes.

There are many, many aspects to consider in web design and equally as many opinions as much about design is quite subjective. But here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Navigation: people have to easily find their way around your site to find what they want. It’s called navigation. Make sure you have a clear menu and your product categories are clearly defined.
  • Content: write the information to suit the user. It should be relevant, truthful, honest and of high quality. For product descriptions, provide as much detail as possible so buyers are making informed decisions. The more info provided, the greater the confidence to buy. Be 100% honest to avoid returns.
  • Imagery: photos should be very high quality especially of products you are selling. Install a zoom or magnifying function so customers can see all the details. Ensure photos are of the right size for web use so they don’t take too long to load – people will lose patience if you over-use their data allowances with massive photo files.
  • Colour, font and general style are quite subjective. They should be in line with your business logo, style and personality.
  • Design: web designers did go through a phase of getting all fancy and creative in web design only to have this creativity over-complicate the user experience. Nowadays there are standard templates for many web designs which are clear, uncomplicated and make it a pleasure for users to visit your site.
  • Functionality: developers are into their tech and often want you to include everything and will offer a wide range of optional extras for your site. STOP. Not only do these extra features come with individual price tags for set up, they may in some cases involve higher annual hosting and maintenance fees and you might not really need them. Think first and have it all explained clearly so you fully understand what you need and what you are buying. Ask if you can upgrade to some functions at a later stage
  • Video content: it’s excellent to include videos on your website, either professionally-produced or DIY. They can be interviews and chats so people get to know you better or they can be product explainers, how to instructions or selling videos. Make sure you keep them relatively short. If you upload via YouTube and have a link on your site, have your developer include a screen on your site so users are not taken away from your site to view videos.