The Value and Importance of Responsive Web Design
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Access, Apps, Adapt

Accessibility is important as it is your vital connector with your customers, community and contacts. You can increase accessibility with tech and other features.

Speed, Server, Search, Security

There are many factors to consider in web development including speed, server and search.

Finance, Funding, Function

Spending the time and money on the right design and development will be critical to your outcomes.

Design, Development, Direction

If you want to build a high-level website and possibly upgrade your hardware to increase functionality there are business finance options to fund your website and IT requirements.

In business it’s all about accessibility. Ensuring your customers have access to your business, quickly and easily via the internet and online functions. Access matters to the viability of your business and if you offer an online buying option, access is essential.

When the internet was first developing, access was available through websites and only on desktop and then laptop computers. But as smart phone, tablet and now even watch technology developed, people in increasing numbers are accessing websites on their mobile devices.

But the original web format did not suit the smaller screen size and orientation. Websites had to be made responsive. They had to be able to adapt to the different devices they were being viewed on.


The value and importance of responsive web design is being increasingly realised as families and communities, customers and businesses, friends and contacts, the global economy and international community connect in more ways, at more times and for more reasons.

Websites are no longer an option, they are essential business tools. As the devices they can be accessed via increases, websites must adapt. Responsive means the adaptability to respond. When smart phones were introduced responsive websites were developed and initially were an optional extra. Now, having a responsive site is essential. Many companies are going to the next level and developing apps which are in concept, responsive sites. For online shopping, responsive sites are essential. You need to make it quick and easy for shoppers to access, find, browse and purchase from their mobile or you will lose the sale.

We provide information on matters that are important considerations in developing your access options to support your business.